Moon Over Parador (1988)

Directed by Paul Mazursky, While toiling on a film in the tiny Caribbean country of Parador, Broadway actor Jack is offered a role he can’t turn down: impersonating the nation’s deceased dictator, to whom he bears an uncanny resemblance. But Jack soon gets into trouble when he runs afoul of the Parador police chief, who wants to keep the despot’s demise a secret until he can maneuver his own takeover of the country.

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Guns of the Magnificent Seven (1969)

Directed by Paul Wendkos, Chris is the lone survivor of the original seven gunmen who is recruited to help in a peasant struggle in Mexico. Colonel Diego is the ruthless military commandant of a Mexican prison holding the leader of the revolt. With knife expert Levi Morgon and firearms experts Keno, P.J. and Slater , they enlist the help of the giant black man Cassie  and two others to rescue the leader of the proposed revolt. The evil Diego employs his torturous and inhuman practices on both sides of the prison walls in a effort to stop the heroes from rescuing the prisoner in this action packed western saga.